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To the North of the Fubarnii Empire lies the vast expanse of the Setir Mountains that sweep across the continent of Anyaral. Secluded within these frozen mountains are the territories of the secretive Delgon.While the Fubarnii of what has now become the Empire slaved under the rule of the Devanu, the Delgon were carving themselves a home within this inhospitable land. The Devanu could not survive the harsh winters, so the Delgon were left undisturbed and built many great cities to shelter from the cold.

The Delgon claim that when the first clan of Fubarnii finally rose up against their masters, it was they who had provided the tools and the guidance, but as the Empire was formed the Delgon went through a time of great tragedy. As the Devanu were driven from the warmth of their hunting grounds, packs of desperate hunters fled into the mountains. It was a warm summer, and the Delgon were ill prepared for such an attack. The Devanu tore through their towns and villages, slaughtering thousands. Most of the Devanu died when the cold winter finally arrived, but some tribes dug in and it took the Delgon years to finally clear the threat.

Delgon Soldier

Delgon culture follows a strict structure,dominated by the leadership of the Enarii and the priests that serve them. All Delgon are born owing a debt to their nation and only through service can they hope to repay that debt. Young Delgon are taken from their parents and raised in large creches. The Jenta are likely to remain within that creche family throughout their lives. Each creche family determines the role that the young jenta will fill within society, be that as a worker, a soldier or a priest.The bulk of the military is made up of soldiers who are trained from an early age to obey priests with unswerving loyalty. Those soldiers who show unusual levels of initiative are generally promoted to carry out specialist roles such as wielding the experimental deraks or serving as part of the KalJoran.

Delgon Shock

The Gods of the Delgon, the Enarii, are mighty and powerful. When present they are surrounded at all times by loyal priests and bodyguards who serve their every whim. At a word great armies will move and vast temples will be built. The Enarii are only rarely seen outside their magnificent halls in the Delgon territories. Very few of the Enarii have thus far chosen to join their forces on the field of battle, but those that do are are truly terrifying. They tower over even the greatest Devanu, cutting a swathe through all in their path with their thick skins deflecting all but the most powerful blows.

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