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Devanu Culture Devanu Kopa

The Devanu are terrifying, predatory creatures, standing at least 7 foot tall and towering over even the largest of the Fubarnii. Their strong claws propel them across the plains at huge speeds, with their powerful tails stretched behind them for balance. The Devanu have long been vilified by the Fubarnii as vicious, powerful hunters and pitiless killers. Legends tell that it is the Devanu who first forced the Fubarnii's ancestors to hide in the dark places, to dig tunnels and to fear the daylight. It is certainly true that the Devanu once ruled over most of Anyaral, enslaving the then-primitive Fubarnii.

Devanu Sempa

But that was long ago, and many generations have passed. Dressed in scraps of armour scavenged from dead Fubarnii, or handed down through the generations the Devanu now scrape for survival around the edges of the Fubarnii Empire, driven from one clan's territories to the next. Individually they are still powerful and very dangerous, but even Devanu struggle when faced by the numerous Fubarnii.

The Devanu have long been thought by the Fubarnii to be a broken race. For so long they have scavenged at the edges of the Empire. Most Devanu tribes choose to avoid conflicts with the civilised Fubarnii, and prey on the large migratory herds. Occasionally a powerful Devanu will seize control of his tribe and choose to break the uneasy truce and attack travellers, or besiege outlying settlements. The tribe has much to gain, feeding on the packbeasts, or the lean Fubarnii flesh, and refreshing their ever diminishing supply of tools and weapons.

Devanu Arak

The reaction of the Empire to this sort of incursion has always been swift and effective, with great forces of Knights riding into the area with orders to put down the threat by killing the Kopa, crushing the nests and driving away the remnants of the tribe. Recently the response has been less swift, and the Devanu have not failed to notice this. A number of tribes have risen up, growing in number and power and once again making travel across many parts of the Empire dangerous.

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