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Empire Culture Fubarnii Knight

The Fubarnii Empire sprawls across the expansive continent that its occupants call Anyaral. From the Setir mountains to the Argoran wastes, from the coasts of the Gethlon Sea to the dark forests of Naralon, the Fubarnii once slaves now rule the land.

The Fubarnii are diminutive creatures, standing about 4ft tall, from their large-toed hooves to the top of their long heads. Their large black eyes are well suited to their mostly nocturnal habits and their strong fingers are used for foraging and farming as well as building and fighting. Those dextrous fingers and inquisitive minds helped them create the tools to grow from a race enslaved by the predatory Devanu into a mighty Empire.

Fubarnii Hunter

Divided into clans the settlement of the fubarnii range from single buidlings to cities of enormous populatios. The capital, Gar Loren, has a populace of over 6 million. Somewhat understabdibly the "culture" of the Empire is as varied as clans which it is made of. These Clans are large organisations riven with both internal and external politics. They pay taxes to the Empire, as well as levying young Fubarnii to replenish the ranks fo the Knights. For some clans this is a great honour, for others it is a costly tax, particularly if they need their own troops for their militia. The knights are generally trained almost from the time they hatch in centralised garrisons, and once trained, it is quite rare for knights to serve within their own clan's territories. Elderly knights may return home, but are just as likely to settle in an area where they have served. This has led to both an odd and patchy bluring of manners and customs since the Empire formed.

Fubarnii Caravan

As the Empire covers vast areas of the continent of Anyaral, and many Clans rely heavily on the Traders that constantly travel the vast expanses with their heavily laden pack beasts. The wealthy Traders dress in the finest of materials, and expect to receive the protection by small armies of militia to protect them on their journeys. Many different beasts are used to carry goods, but the Baruk is commonly seen across most of the Empire, its hardy demeanour and constant, plodding gait is perfectly suited to the purpose. All clans that are serviced by the traders are expected to provide safe passage through their territories. Most clans have special units of militia who carry out that role, or they employ mercenaries (at their own expense) to protect the traders. Most clans have learned that scrimping on the protection does not prove cost effective in the long run.

Fubarnii Engineer

The Fubarnii revere their Engineers (Rahkirii) as the creators of their current freedom. Most Engineers hide themselves away, toiling on random projects. Mixing chemicals and working materials to generate tiny fancies or great machineries. Some of the more foolhardy Engineers choose to put themselves at risk to test their inventions, and it is often the job of the local militia to escort these eccentrics back to their homes. Within the central empire there is a well structured academy that locates and trains young Rahkirii. Those who don't learn to use their gift are cared for by the academy, but those who thrive are allowed to wander back out into the Empire. These individuals are the true engineers, whose vision has allowed the empire to form.They are still not what most fubarnii would consider sane, but they are venerated and supported by the communities in which they live.

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