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The introductory cultures for the world of Twilight were the noble Fubarnii of the Empire and the powerful, predatory Devanu who once enslaved them. Those two cultures are now being joined by a third culture, the secretive Delgon, and lots more will be revealed about this race of grey-skinned Fubarnii over the next few months.


The Fubarnii Empire sprawls across the expansive continent that its occupants call Anyaral. From the Setir mountains to the Argoran wastes, from the coasts of the Gethlon Sea to the dark forests of Naralon, the Fubarnii, once slaves, now rule the land.



In the frozen mountains to the North of the Empire lies the secretive nation of Delgon. For generations the Delgon have hidden themselves away in their mountainous realm, but recently something has changed, and their black clad priests have been seen across the Empire.



The Devanu are terrifying, predatory creatures, standing at least 7 foot tall and towering over even the largest of the Fubarnii. Their strong claws propel them across the plains at huge speeds, with their powerful tails stretched behind them for balance.


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