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Mike has just launched the Casanii of Anyaral kickstarter! Over the next two weeks we hope you will join us in trying to make this new range a success. You can now join in and make a pledge for your very own Casanii hunting party, or even splash out and have a particularly wealthy trader, Loranti Pargal, to protect. Head on over to the kickstarter now to find out more, plus Mike has got lots of ideas that he's looking forward to sharing during the course of the campaign!

The event will start at 10am and run through to 5pm. During the day there will be a series of games where you can play using either your own painted forces or borrow one of ours. These will be a mix of two player scenarios and larger multiplayer games. These will be tailored depending the experience of players, so anybody will be able to join in!
Everybody who registers before the 23rd August will get a special goody bag on the day. There will also be prizes! If you bring along a painted 300pt force or some painted themed terrain then you will be entered into prize draws for the painting force and scenery building awards. There will also be an award for the best painted figure as well as a few other random prizes during the day!
On the day there will also be an opportunity to have a look at all the latest sculpts that I’ve been working on and to find out more about the plans for the future.

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