The Fubarnii Empire was formed many generations ago. Before then, the Fubarnii were dispersed throughout the continent of Anyaral in numerous family groups. All were under constant threat and attack from the then-dominant species, the predatory Devanu. The Devanu hunted and enslaved the Fubarnii, forcing them to use their nimble hands to create ever more elaborate and powerful weapons and their creative brains to build ever grander towers so that they might show the other Devanu that theirs was the most powerful tribe.

The Devanu considered the Fubarnii as nothing more than food and slaves. This relationship continued for generations, until a small number of Fubarnii began to look beyond their enslavement and dream of a day when they would be free from the claws of their vicious masters.

A bright and resourceful engineer by the name of Gehran took matters into his own hands and used his knowledge of chemistry and mechanics to destroy his Devanu master's tower. This feat sparked the Fubarnii into action, and the long-suppressed desire for rebellion and freedom grew. Using Gehran as their figurehead, a group of self-proclaimed freedom fighters led by a Fubarnii named Dimor roused the Fubarnii slaves to battle. The weapons once made for the Devanu were turned upon them, and the newly formed armies of the Fubarnii drove the Devanu into decline, scattering them to the edges of Anyaral. Within the lifetime of Dimor, almost all the lands currently held by the Empire had been claimed, and the last of the towers destroyed. The Devanu were broken, fighting amongst themselves for scraps and hunted down if they approached the newly formed Fubarnii settlements too closely. All the lands from the coasts of the Gethlon Sea to the dark forests of Naralon, from the Argoran Wastes to the borders of the frozen Setir Mountains were divided up into thirty seven clans, with all the clan leaders showing loyalty to the new Emperor, Dimor.

Since then, every clan has paid its dues to the Empire in the form of goods as well as young jenta who serve as apprentices, learning to govern and protect the Empire. Those that are trained as Knights have always been stationed where they are needed to suppress the Devanu. Every time a Devanu family tribe has grown too strong, it has been the Empire's troops that have moved in and led the local militia against the threat, making an example to any other Devanu who believe that the Empire's lands could once again be theirs.


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