The Rules

Starter SetThe game of Twilight gives players the opportunity to fight small skirmishes between the denizens of Anyaral, taking control of the innovative Fubarnii the implacable Delgon or the ferocious Devanu. Forces size is dictated by the scenarios you have selected but 10 to 20 minis per side is the norm for pick up games. The rules are designed to be quick and easy, but with the ability to make tactical decisions which may affect the outcome.

Twilight does not follow a fixed turn order, but instead uses the Phase Counters to determine the order in which individual models are activated. Each Phase Counter drawn will either allow a player to activate and move models, or to initiate and resolve combats. After the second Combat Counter has been drawn and all combats resolved, the Turn ends. It is entirely possible that a player will not get to activate all of his force every Turn, so the players must choose carefully how they use each of their activations.

Each player counts up the number of Combat Stones they need to cast. This is determined by using the Combat Value (stat) of their Primary Combatant, together with any additional Combat Stones equal to the Support Value of each of their respective supporting models. once cast the any face-up Erac is a successful blow, unless it can be countered by an opposing Oran.

Each game is set around a specific scenario with stated objectives, force numbers and deployment. There are a number of scenarios supplied in this book and new scenarios will be made available on the Resources page and in future books. Once you have a feel for the game mechanics you could even create your own scenarios and share them with other players of Twilight on the Forum

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