The Fubarnii Empire
The Furbarnii EmpireThe Empire's military has always had just one task, to control the threat of the Devanu. To achieve this task the Empire trains and deploys Knights throughout its lands, maintaining large garrisons which provide support to the local Militia when needed. Knights may be trained and stationed in any part of the Empire, so the mix of Clan cultures within a single garrison tends to be great.

Local Militia are drawn from villages and cities within a Clan's boundaries. The Militia are usually led by professionally trained soldiers, but the majority of the troops have less formal training. With a rumoured threat to the North diverting the Empire's attention, the number of Knights available for support is decreasing. Engineers have been quick to take this opportunity to offer their services and experimental weapons in their stead, although the benefit of their support to date has been questionable.

The Delgon
The DelgonIn the frozen mountains to the North of the Empire lies the secretive nation of Delgon. For generations the Delgon have hidden themselves away in their mountainous realm, but recently something has changed, and their have been seen across the Empire. Since the return of the Enarii their black clad priests commanded that most of the population be inducted into the military as foot soldiers or KalGarkii. While most KalGarkii are equipped with long-handled glaives, a small number are chosen at an early age to fill specialist roles in the Delgon armies. The KalJoran shocktroopers are front line troops trained to use vicious picks and heavy shields. The KalDru are a recent creation, and have the dubious honour of carrying the newly developed Deraks.

The Dhogu
These dougthy warriors live within the Setir Mountains and are considered strong allies of the Delgon. They are so trusted that many Dhogu are employed as bodyguards for the priesthood, serving in the ranks of the KalDreman. Truth be told though the Dhogu will fight for pretty much anyone who can afford their substantial fees. 

The Devanu
The DevanuEvery Devanu is a terrifying master of the art of hunting and killing, their sharp claws causing death wherever they pass. The Devanu Kopa is the leader of his tribe, the single most powerful warrior who subjugates his band of Sempa and Jenta to ensure they will not rise up to take his place. It is the Kopa who selects the targets and demonstrates his prowess, leaping from combat to combat, spilling blood and rending flesh.

The Devanu have always trained and controlled creatures to do their will. The Grishak have been used by Devanu for many generations, since even before the rise of the Empire. They have been bred as efficient hunting beasts who run silently besides their masters, and are trained to respond to the Devanu cries, ploughing into their targets with a terrifying screech, dragging down their victims with their powerful jaws.

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